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Product explanation:
Non-coring PDC bits
Product technology parameter and specification

PDC bit can be divided to core bit, non-coring drilling bit and anchor bit. This kind of bit has the advantages of long useful life, high efficiency, wide using range, good gage protection, high cost performance and so on. It can drill under low pressure and low-speed, mainly used in the fields of geological exploration, coalmine and conservancy projects & hydroelectric power for drilling. We can provide the matches PDC bit based on different geological conditions and the hardness of rock.


PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) drill bit is a new product, with special high-frequency welding techniques, PDC of high wear resistant is welded to the body as cutting edges. PDC bit is mainly used for geological prospecting, coal exploration, water conservancy and power engineering, etc.

1. It has a super long life. The grinding/consumption ratio of  PDC is 20-40 time higher than that of alloy bit and 10 times higher than that of diamond bit.
2. It has high drilling speed.
3. It can be operated with low pressure and low speed.
4. It has a good gage protection.
5. It can be used widely, more suitable for drilling in the stratum with hardness coefficient f<9.
6.It has a low cost.

7. PDC cutters heavy density designed to drill soft to medium-hard stratum(f°‹10)

8. Jet nozzles designed for directly flushing the fronts of the cutters,and with high drilling speed and super long life.


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