Shandong coal geology drilling tools factory which belongs to Shandong geology Bureau has a history of more than 30 years.It locates in the economic development zone of Jiaxiang county!the hometown of Confuciys and Mencius and also a place with beautiful environment,convenient transportation, developed communication and vast area.Mount¨Fai lies in its north.The south of it is the beautiful Weishan Iake and the east of it is Confucius`s hometown Qufu.Our factory is a modernized tube processing base for petroleum of special pur pose with integrative capacity of scientific research and development,well designed production,management and service.
 Now our factory has a faculty of 172,which contains 6 senior engineers,15 engineers,4 seifior teclmicians,21 tech nicians and 30 other specialized technicians in every section related.Futhermore,we have engaged 2 experts in tube making as long term consultants for our factory.We have four processing 1ine in petroleum tubing making.They are tube body automatic crack detection equipment,coupler crack detection equipment,digital control screw thread lathe,numerical control rotates tower cathe.the automation twjsts button machine,try the pressure aircraft,automatic weighing and measuring and gush seal equipTtlent included.
 Our factory passed IS0 9001 Interuational Quality Control System in the year 2002.And jn December 2006 we success fully passed the authentjcation of APl.We will ensure our customers get produc~with high quality through our slandardized laboratory,product texting manners and our outstandirlg experts.
 In order to enlarge the scope of our enterprise and make the technical innovation successfully we have construct a workshop of 1 5,000 square metres which contains 4 working line at the end of 2006.Thus.the total output of our tube and coupler will reach up to more than 6 tons.
 We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign friends to visit our factory and give us instructions.Let¨s discuss our business by exchanging information and make a close coorperation.I think both of us can get mutual development and enhance the friendshiP between us.

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